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I'm Kirsty [one on the right ;)] FML gets me through shit days and hangovers. I like driving badly, drinking dangerous volumes of diet irn bru, having crazy nights out, holidays, my friends, watching scrubs too much and being with Craig ;)
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OP here. Wasn't really expecting this one to get posted. To everyone who's asked- yes, he's my ex now. I didn't think it would make as much sense if I'd said she slept with my ex-boyfriend. And yes, I did lose my job over this. Said coworker and I were very good friends before all of this, hence the 'no longer speaking to her' part. I didn't simply stand there and get screamed at the entire time. I tried to give my side of the story and explain why I'd stopped talking to my coworker, but my boss just kept interrupting me and yelling, "I don't care!" and telling me I was full of shit. I eventually just left when she outright called me a liar. It was a small, locally owned business- so no union rep to call- and my coworker and I had two very separate jobs that didn't really require any interaction. I still spoke to her when I had to, if it had something to do with work. Apparently, she'd been going to our boss after I left for the day- who knows how often- crying about what a bitch I was and how unfair I was being, and saying that all of it was my fault to begin with. The boss even claimed that my coworker would need therapy because of me, and said that just my presence at the shop was making it impossible for her to do her job. The full story is obviously way too long for a single FML, so you can see why a lot of the details got cut.