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Life around home had gotten rather routine in spite of the fact that my son and his wife were staying with my family. In addition to them our daughter was staying with my wife and myself. About two weeks ago something happened that changed my life forever. It was a cooler summer evening and I was laying in the bedroom listening to a ball game.big tits tubeAs far as I knew my wife was doing a crossword puzzle in the other room and everyone else was gone doing their own things. The seventh inning stretch came so I decided to get myself a drink from the kitchen. Picking up my dirty socks I threw them in the hamper as I walked past it on the way to the front of the house.big tits pornApproaching the dining room I could see into the kitchen. Then it caught my eye; growing bigger and bigger with every step I took. Soon it was all that I could see. It took up my whole visual field and caused my cock to get instantly hard. It was a giant ass in a pair of navy blue sweat pants. The pants were just tight enough that they formed the outline of both cheeks perfectly pushing deeply into that wonderful ass crack.big booty pornShe was bent over the counter pushing out her big booty porn invitingly. I didn't know, or care, what she was doing. I just had to play with that big fucking ass! It was firm enough that it stood up on its own; no sagging at all. Oh god, I just had to fuck the owner of that wonderful ass. Now I was within reach and pondered my next move only for a couple of seconds before swinging into action.big booty tubeQuickly I grabbed the elastic waistband of the sweat pants and gave a hearty downward yank. It took a second yank as the front got caught between the counter and her body.
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