Par christous / samedi 22 novembre 2008 04:42 / France
On sait bien que tu as encore 5 minutes !
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  Mrhammer404  |  21

He lives in France

  Kronic_Kitten  |  0

Um no it's not......if you are carrying over a certain amount of weed or if it is all divided up like you're selling it then you get arrested. If you say only have a joint then they ususally just take it away and let you go.....

  iislix1ii  |  19

Have you been listening to all those shitty drug addiction crap? Marijuana isnt really that bad( unlike cigarete i HATE that crap) its actually good for you if not used moderately public officials go really hard on it when in reality, drinking alchohol and smoking cigaretes cause waaayyyy more deaths than weed does